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How to Complete the Web Page

Once you have registered, you will be taken to the 'edit details' page. You can then choose to continue and complete your page immediately or you can logout and upload the rest of the information at another time.
  • To complete your page, fill in the boxes with the requested information (there is no word limit). If you wish to omit any of these, simply leave the box blank and move on to the next one.
  • To add your main image, click on the Browse button at the right hand side of the of the Main Image /Replace Main Image box. You will then be able to browse the files on your own computer. Select the image file you want to use and simply click on it to upload it to your web page.
  • You can add up to 14 more pictures in exactly the same way using Add another image/Browse. Each time you add an image you will need to click on the Confirm button at the bottom of the page to enable you to add the next picture. Once uploaded you can change the order the pictures display on the page, delete them and upload new ones. Please remember that The Wet Nose Society pages may be seen by many thousands of people so do think twice before adding pictures of younger family members.
  • There are two 'free text areas'. These will appear in the main section of your page and you can add whatever content you wish in here. Most people use the first to describe their dog and it's particular character or history. Your wording can be made bold or coloured etc by highlighting it and clicking the relevant icon in the heading. You can add Smilies and other layout features in the same way (move your cursor over the icons to find out what each tool does). There is a more detailed user guide to the editor.
  • You can also add further pictures, by using the Insert/Edit Image button in the two Free text areas (move your cursor over the icons to find the button). Then click 'Browse server' and use the upload function to upload your image to the server. Or you may add Flash videos (swf files) in the same way with the Insert/Edit Flash button.
  • After you have made some changes to your webpage you must click on the Confirm button to be able to see the new changes. We would advise you Confirm your changes regularly, just in case of 'technical glitches'!
  • You can preview your webpage before setting it live by approving your changes (using the Confirm button at the bottom of the page) and then clicking on 'Preview your web page' (Your preview will appear in a separate window).
  • When you have finished your page click the I'm finished. Please authorise my webpage box. We will then make your page 'live' on The Wet Nose Society as soon as possible.
  • At the bottom of the page there is a box for a Username. If you have more than one dog, a username will also help other people identify your dogs. If you would rather not include a username then you can leave the box blank.
  • If you would prefer that other Wet Nose Society members cannot email you then you should Untick this box if you do not wish other members to be able to send you emails.
  • Pages that do not have a Main Image can be found through the search boxes but cannot be displayed on the 'Visit some wet Nose Society members', 'Most Popular' and 'New Members' links.

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