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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I have to register to set up a webpage?
A. Yes, to set up a webpage you do have to register, however, the information required to register is very simple. An email address (which is hidden so you can rest assured it will not expose you to spammers) plus a password is all that is required. You can also add a username if you wish to do so.

Q. I have 3 dogs. Can I set up a page for each dog?
A. You can have as many pages as you have dogs. You can use the same email address and username for each page but must use a separate password for each dog.

Q. I don't have any pictures of my dog. Can I still have a webpage?
A. You can certainly set up a webpage even if you don't have any pictures to upload. The page will still be available to anyone via our search boxes, however, until a picture is uploaded your page will not be available on the 'Visit some Wet Nose Society members' and 'Most Popular' links.

Q. I don't want other people to be able to email me via my webpage. How do I stop this happening?
A. Log-in to your webpage and Untick the 'Receive emails' box then click the 'Confirm changes' button.

Q. I had a very special dog who died. Can I still set up a webpage for her/him?
A. We've included a special 'Past Friends' heading under the Select type of dog menu for those who would like to include a page in memory of a much loved dog.

Q. Can I change the order of the pictures I have uploaded to my webpage
A. You can change the order of all of the pictures except the Main Image (the one at the top of your page) very simply. All you have to do is log-in to your page and then use the 'change order' boxes which appear at the right hand side of the pictures. Just re-number the boxes/pictures and then click Confirm Changes.

Q. How do I add a 'friend' to my dogs page
A. Firstly you must log-in to your dogs webpage. Once logged in all you have to do is choose the dog you wish to make a friend and then click on the link at the bottom of the right hand column which says [for example] 'Add Cassie to Sammie's friend list'. Once you have done this, an email will be sent to the dog's owner to notify them you have added their dog to your friends list.

Q. How do I remove a 'friend' from my dogs page?
A. Simply log-in to your webpage and click/tick the 'Delete' box at the right hand side of the friends name and then click the 'Confirm changes' button.

Q. I want to remove a picture from my page, how do I go about it?
A. Log-in to your page and click/tick the 'Delete image' box next to the picture you want to remove then click the 'Confirm changes' button. Don't forget: if the picture you are removing is the Main Image you must upload a new picture to make your page appear in the 'Visit some Wet Nose Society members' and 'Most Popular' links.

Q. What are the two Free Text areas for?
A. The information added to the two free text areas will appear in the main body of a page. You can add whatever information you wish here. You might like to use the first one to describe your dog and it's particular character or history. Your wording can be made bold or coloured etc by highlighting it and then clicking the relevant icon in the heading. You can add Smilies and other layout features in the same way (move your cursor over the icons to see what each tool does). You can also add further pictures, by using the Insert/Edit Image button. Then click 'Browse server' and use the upload function to upload your image to the server.

Q. Can I upload a video to my page?
A. You can add Flash video files (swf) to the main body of your page in a similar way to the images, by using the Insert/Edit Flash button (it's the 'f' icon) in the Free Text area toolbar.

Q. How can I stop my webpage being visible on The Wet Nose Society website
A. Simply log-in to your webpage and Untick the 'Live on website' box at the bottom your edit page and then click the 'Confirm changes' button. To make the page visible again simply tick the box

Q. Do I have to include a username?
A. You do not have to use a username.

Q. How do I log-out?
A. You can log-out by simply clicking the Logout link at the top of the right hand column or, if you are looking at your dogs Edit page then just click on the Logout this dog link at the bottom of the page.

Q. Can I search for a particular dog?
A. There are a number of ways to search for members of The Wet Nose Society
Click on any of the pictures on the front page or on a members page
Or use the search boxes to:
  • Search by breed
  • Search by type of dog (e.g. Pet Dog)
  • Search by keyword or name (e.g. Scamp)
  • If you are already a member of The Wet Nose Society and are logged into the site you can also use the Find a Friend search boxes

Q. I've noticed something on one of the pages which I think is in appropriate to The Wet Nose Society website.
A. If you have seen any content on this website which you believe is inappropriate please use the link at the bottom of the page concerned to notify us. We will then check the page concerned and delete it if necessary.

Q. How can I contact you.
A. Email:

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