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Mum's Special Boy


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January 2019

1st January ..New Years Day, Mum said we need to get out so we all went in the car and went to Greenbank, it was a very cold day but we were all wrapped up it was good so secure I was off the lead all the time from the minute we arrived in the carpark until we were going home. It was so good that we went back the next day. 

2nd January 2019

Today we all went in the car again back to the lovely park Mum said we were going for a walk, Mum didnt tell me until we arrived but I was meeting my younger brother, his name was Sheldon, he was with a lovely family who live near us. Mum found him on the Miniature Schnauzers in Scotland page on Facebook. Because he had a curly tail like me, Mum asked where he had come from as she thought we could be related as it turned out we were as he has the same Mum & Dad as me but is only 10 months !! We hope to have another walk again with them. It was good to meet up for the walk even though it was a very cold day. 


5th January 2019......On our first walk this morning Mum walked me up to our local school to meet Luna she is a Schnoodle & only 7 months but she looks more like a wee black poodle. We have met a few times and know that we would just love to play together so this morning Saturday we went into the school grounds where there is an enclosed area that is used for football, so Luna and I had a great time just playing and chasing each other, we hope to do it again sometime.


19th January 2019


Today Aunty Joan came to see me, then a wee while later Benito came his Mum dropped him off as she was going on holiday to Lanzarote, so he staying with us for a week.  So Mum has a very busy week, as I'm also going to Jennifer as I need groomed again !! Benito went with me but he didnt get groomed.  Mum was also at the hairdressers it was very icy so didnt enjoy the walks.


27th January 2019

All the snow & ice was gone so Mum walked us up to the school where she let me & Benito off to play with the ball & also to have a good run around.   Benito went home at night when his Mum collected him, good to have Mum all to myself again. 




Gino's Friends

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Things I love: Just being with my Mum & going for walks also going in the car. I have my own toy box. Watching out the window is one of my favourite things now is to lie up on the window sill & look out into the garden. Mum says I'm in Suzi's favourite spot as she used to do this too.I also like playing with my Ball as I take it back well most of the time. I also love snuggling into Mum when she is watching TV.

Things I hate: Being groomed

My favourite walks: Early days yet

Other pets who share my home: Haven't seen any so guess I'm an only one ..sometimes Benito comes to stay when his Mum goes on holiday also Hamish & Robbie come to visit.

Breed: Miniature Schnauzer
Type: Pet Dog
Sex: Male
Birthday: 09/05/2017
Country: United Kingdom
Owner: christined
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