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November 2018

Well here we are into November 2018, lots of noises going on big bangs but they havent bothered me but as Mum says I'm still young.  Yesterday Benito's Mum came in to see us we are going to them soon as they have invited us for the weekend so I'm looking forward to seeing Benito. 


Aunty Ann has also invited us through for Mum's Birthday as she has a big birthday on the 16th so its all go this month. But the folks are looking forward to going away as they enjoy chilling with friends and I get to go too.


Have been to Aunty Ann's it was good we were on the beach for walks & Mum was very pleased as I was very good stayed beside them.  Have also been to Benito's for our sleepover, it was very relaxing for Mum & I played with Benito, again I was good but when we went to bed I woke up early & wanted to go to get through to play with  Benito & Ama.  






Gino's Friends

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Things I love: Just being with my Mum & going for walks also going in the car. I have my own toy box. Watching out the window is one of my favourite things now is to lie up on the window sill & look out into the garden. Mum says I'm in Suzi's favourite spot as she used to do this too.I also like playing with my Ball as I take it back well most of the time. I also love snuggling into Mum when she is watching TV.

Things I hate: Being groomed

My favourite walks: Early days yet

Other pets who share my home: Haven't seen any so guess I'm an only one ..sometimes Benito comes to stay when his Mum goes on holiday also Hamish & Robbie come to visit.

Breed: Miniature Schnauzer
Type: Pet Dog
Sex: Male
Birthday: 09/05/2017
Country: United Kingdom
Owner: christined
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