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18th September 2018

Well this week we have been away for a couple of days, the folks were going to Stranraer to meet up with Betty & Ian, Mum had nobody to look after me so I went too as the hotel was dog friendly, but not as dog friendly as Mum would of liked but the stay went well. Everybody admired me as I was the only 4 legged person staying in the hotel. But again Mum says I was very good, I was left in the room in my crate while they went to eat breakfast & dinner, apparently dogs werent to be left in the room but as I was in my crate it wasnt a problem as I wasnt going to escape.



A few days after we came home Mum had visitors, as the Fife gang came through Robbie & Hamish were here. Robbie kept going into my bed. We all went for walks together since they went home I have been catching up on my sleep so has Mum as she was late going to bed at night, which meant I was too.  Aunty Ann says we will go to them next ..... soon so we will see when we are invited but hope its soon




Gino's Friends

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Things I love: Just being with my Mum & going for walks also going in the car. I have my own toy box. Watching out the window is one of my favourite things now is to lie up on the window sill & look out into the garden. Mum says I'm in Suzi's favourite spot as she used to do this too.I also like playing with my Ball as I take it back well most of the time. I also love snuggling into Mum when she is watching TV.

Things I hate: Being groomed

My favourite walks: Early days yet

Other pets who share my home: Haven't seen any so guess I'm an only one ..sometimes Benito comes to stay when his Mum goes on holiday also Hamish & Robbie come to visit.

Breed: Miniature Schnauzer
Type: Pet Dog
Sex: Male
Birthday: 09/05/2017
Country: United Kingdom
Owner: christined
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