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Gino ( Siglette Shadow )

Mum's Best Boy


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My name is Gino & my Kennel Club name is Siglette Shadow.


On the 9th May 2017 at 3.05am I arrived into this big world I was the second puppy to be born when my Mum Vikki a Miniature Schnauzer had a litter of 5 Boys & one girl.  Then on the 9th June when I was 4.5 weeks old my human Mum ......Christine came & chose me from the 5 boys, Mum said it was a very difficult decision to make but she's so glad that she has brought 'me' home.  Mum said she needed me to ease the pain that she had as apparently she was heart broken in April 2017 when she lost her precious Suzi who she had before me. Suzi was like me a mini schnauzer but was unique & very special to my Mum so I guess I've got a lot to live up too. So Mum brought me home at 8 weeks on the 4th July 2017. I have been so good for Mum she cant believe it as on my first night home I was dry all night (whatever that means) so I certainly made a very good impression ok I did have a few accidents in the house during the first few days (just six to be precise) but Mum says they weren't my fault.!! They happened when she was out & I was left with George. I'm settling in now & Mum says I was definitely meant to be, have heard her saying that she wasn't sure if she really wanted another puppy after having Suzi for nearly 13 years. But apparently it was Suzi's groomer Jennifer, that told Mum about my litter as it was her friend Moira, whose dog Vikki that was having the puppies.!!  Jennifer insisted that Mum joined her & Moira for lunch at Garrion Bridge on 24th April (2017) to meet Moira.  Mum still wasnt sure if she really wanted to have another puppy afterall they werent getting any younger. But when Moira phoned Mum with the news saying that there was only one girl (Moira had put Mum down for a girl) .... Mum said you know what Moira,  decision made I've had my Girl Suzi & she cant be replaced so I'll take a BOY.!!!  Moira was so pleased & said she would give Mum first choice on the 9th June.                                     


So Moira had named me Mr Green & as Mum was wearing GREEN that day she decided even though her favourite colour was blue & there was a Mr Blue that she would take me & said I was to be called Gino (G for green) & after Gino D'Acampo the Italian chef who Mum likes as Mum's favourite food is Italian. Moira then let Mum visit me every week until she was able to take me home on the 4th July 2017 when I was brought home in this ......doggy bag for the journey home in the car but Mum sat in the back seat with me.

  its a doggie travel bag 


Moira also let Mum have first choice of chosing my Kennel Club name from her list so I'm called 'Siglette Shadow' as apparently I've to be Mum's Shadow & Mum says I'm heading that way.   I am her Shadow as I follow her every where !!  Just love my Mum I'm definitely going to be a Mum's boy.

Apparently on my first night I was so good as when Mum put me to bed in my crate in their room I only gave a couple of whimpers then I slept all night !!!  Yes all night !!  Dont think I missed my siblings ! think I was just glad to have a good sleep. I was so good & I didnt even do the toilet. !!!! An 8wk old puppy sleeping all night & not doing the toilet definitely amazed Mum she still talks about it to this day as she couldnt believe it. !


Have been in Mum's bedroom from day one as Mum said no way was I sleeping downstairs she had done that with Suzi when she was a puppy & it was sleepless nights as Suzi didnt like it. Mum was really really impressed that I went all night without doing the toilet !!  Mum keeps saying I'm such a good wee boy. Think she is now starting to love me !!! I couldnt go out for walks for a few weeks as I had to have my injections so at first Mum just took me out mainly to socialise me, whatever that is so she just 'carried me' on walks, took me in the car in fact we went to lots of places. It wasnt long until I was house trained & I had been to most places but not to Fife where Aunty Ann lives with Hamish & Robbie. So on the 12th August Mum took me there, they were at their caravan that day.... I was only 14 weeks when I first met Hamish & Robbie (they're both Scotties) I had met everyone else as Mum had been taking me out so we just went for the day, it was also my first day off the lead, & we all went to the beach it was great. Aunty Ann was very surprised how good I was & but was even more surprised how confident Mum was at letting me off the lead but Mum knew I wouldnt remember ........yes ..  I am her 'Shadow'. !! 

I cuddled in beside Hamish after we came back from the beach as I was so tired.             This is me on the beach with Aunty Ann it was my first time off the lead !


Two weeks later on the 24th August I had my first holiday, when we all went back to Crail for a week to Aunty Ann's caravan. The first night we were there we went to the East Neuk Hotel as the humans were having their dinner. Apparently again I was so well behaved & I made Mum so proud as I just sat and watched everything that was going on round about me. We were also on the beach most days it was good fun but it was cold during the night !!! as the weather wasn't all that great for the time of the year. 




Mum has had friends to stay since I've come to them,  we have also had overnights at Benito's. Apparently my Mum met his Mum in 2014 when she was walking Suzi. Benito needed someone to doggy sit him as his Mum was on her own & had to go to work so Mum ended up having him, he's the same as me but Black & Silver. But they don't stay here now as his Mum moved when she met Donnie.. I played non stop with Benito all the time when we were there, there was also Ollie the kitten & Ama she was a senior lady but I liked her too, she's a French Bull dog.....Mum said I was very good,  again she was so proud of me.



November 2017 - We had a lovely day out at Prestwick today for Mum's birthday I am 6mths in this photo first we had a walk on the beach then Mum was having lunch at the Failford Inn, so I was there too that day. Again Mum was so proud of me as the Failford Inn is dog friendly 



Mum says Im such a good boy looks as if she can take me anywhere !!. she is so so proud of me


  This is me looking out the window, Mum says this was Suzi's favourite spot, but I only do it sometimes unlike Suzi. 





February 2018 ---  So 8 months on and Im still doing really well. Mum took me to Martin the doggy doctor as I had to be weighed, I'm now 7.2kgs, Martin says I need to have a puppy tooth removed as its not been pushed out by the adult tooth so I'm going soon to have that extracted not sure if they are going to do anything else to me when I'm there as I heard Mum say what about his 'bits' whatever they are ! I dont know ! so I'm watching this space !! 

Just heard I am going later this week to have that tooth out also Mum is having my 'man bits' removed. Gosh that sounds sore !! The night before Ive not to have anything to eat after my dinner and no breakfast for me before I go that morning gosh I am going to be a very hungry boy. 


Well Mum left me today Friday (16th February 2018) with Martin, I seemed to be there a long time although I did sleep for a while, when I woke up I was shaky on my legs. Caitland one of the nurses cuddled me until Mum arrived. I cried & whimpered all the way home in the car. Had cuddles from Mum when we got home then I had a wee sleep. Then Mum made yummy Scrambled Egg for me as I had that big tooth out.   No long walks for the next few days & no jumping on the couch or the bed until after I go back for my check up on 26th February. 


So yesterday we were back at that place, Martin wasnt there dont know where he was but Nikki the vet nurse she took my stitches out.... I never felt a thing, I didnt even cry ....Nikki said I was such a brave boy....Now I can get back to normal walks soon when the snow goes away Mum is going to take me to the beach as there's no snow at the beach but its very cold. Hoping it will be soon.


Last weekend there was another dog here, I thought Mum had got another one like me, but it was Benito he was here for an overnight we played non stop and then eventually crashed for a sleep. It was good, we are going again to see them soon when the weather is better.


Last weekend we went to Prestwick on Sunday, it was busy so Mum kept me on the lead, then when we went on the grassy bit & she let me off and boy was I off to see other dogs that were off the lead. Mum says I was certainly more adventurous this time but of course Im getting older as now Im nearly 11 months.  Then we went for lunch well the humans did I was sitting under the table in the Golf Inn...I was very good until we were leaving and two other dogs came in well I let out the sharpest bark & everyone got a fright, in fact some people didnt even know I was there well they did after that. Mum took me out to the car as she wasnt happy.  But we will go back another day.


How the time has passed Mum keeps saying Ive grown so fast.  Heard Mum saying that we are going away for a couple of days soon when the weather gets a bit warmer as we are going to see Aunty Ann, Hamish & Robbie.  Today Mum has been packing so I need to watch what is happening, but its Fife that we are going to for a few days so will update when we come home.   


Well we've been away & I had a great time, at Aunty Ann's arrived for lunch then we all went to the beach it was good running around it wasnt busy but I did go to see other dogs but came back to I'm a good boy. We stayed in at night as the folks had Chinese but I got my first Prawn Cracker. Next day we went to Crail to the caravan for lunch then to the beach at Balcomie, poor Hamish he couldnt keep up so his Dad took him back to the car while we all went on & met Isla & her Scotties, two of them bullied me but Dad took me away.  Back to the caravan for a sleep then they all went out to eat & left us boys home alone but I was in my crate safe & sound. Next day it was wet but Mum wont go to the beach when its raining so it was toilet walks round the park for me.  Then we left to come home & I slept all the way as I was shattered but I did enjoy it.  Aunty Ann says we can have the caravan so going back sometime for our holidays but Mum says we will also be going to the Lake District if she can find somewhere for us to stay.   


I'm a Birthday Boy today (9th May 2018) thats me now ONE Year old, cant believe it I seem to have grown so fast.  Went to the beach a few days before my birthday as Mum knew the weather was going to be rubbish, so we had a lovely day & the weather was good. I said hello to lots of other dogs but I was good.   Then we went for lunch and then home, I slept all the way home after my run about on the beach.


Well what a busy week its been there's been another dog staying with us thought Mum had got another but then I remembered it was Benito he's been while his Mum was away for a week sunning herself, but he must of went home today as when I got up this morning he was away ..... apparently his Mum picked him up on her way home from the airport while I was still sleeping.  It was good having company but think Mum found it difficult walking us together.   


16th June 2018 well we've just been to Benito's for an overnight, it was good & I played with Benito.  But Mum not so pleased with me as I was a bit restless during the night as I wanted to play with Benito & Ama so Mum didnt get much sleep. 


This week Mum nipped to the shops & left me home alone, Mum was impressed when she came back as I was still up on the window sill where she had left me, I just stayed there till I saw the car come back.  Mum was very impressed with me. 





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Things I love: Just being with my Mum, going for walks also I do like going in the car where Mum keeps a cosy bed on the back seat for me as I just snuggle down & fall asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow. I now have my own toy box as I have so many toys too many Mum says but I cant part with any. I also like playing with my Ball as I take it back well most of the time. Also I love snuggling into Mum when she is watching TV or when she is on her Laptop. I love going away with Mum as I'm never left behin

Things I hate: Being groomed just hate going to the groomer that's about the only thing that I hate

My favourite walks: Going to Parks & the beach at Prestwick. But I am really happy to go anywhere with Mum espeicially when we go on doggy holidays as Mum calls them or for overnights with Benito & Bella when Mum visits their humans Ros & Donnie.

Other pets who share my home: Haven't seen any so guess I'm an only one ..sometimes Benito comes to stay when his Mum goes on holiday.

My favourite saying: Bedtime when Mum lets me have a cuddle with her before I have to go to my own bed in my crate which is my choice !

Breed: Miniature Schnauzer
Type: Pet Dog
Sex: Male
Birthday: 09/05/2017
Country: United Kingdom
Owner: christined
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