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Beautiful standard poodle

Mummys Boy


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All part of growing up Well something is in the air, last night I overheard my mum and dad talking about if I was old enough and mature enough to find a mate to have a go at breeding, because they think I would make some lovely little baby poodles. Well I must admit, I am a bit put back by the eagerness as neither of them have asked or discussed it with me as to my thoughts on this subject! Wow still playing with my teddy bear and chasing my toys around the house and all of a sudden they want me to get all serious and grow up to find a mate, and yes, you guessed it, they have not even had a chat with me about the birds and bees. Not sure how I am going to cope with meeting another poodle especially a female poodle all stuck up and nosing around in my business and toy box. Had a quiet word with my mate Jasper about all these shenanigans, being 8 years old, guessing he would be wiser than I. After spending some time trying to wake him from his deep slumber, stretched out on his favourite sofa with one eye open and the other still firmly closed, all he could do is scoff at the idea. He told me in know certain terms would he see himself caught up in all that female trouble, pointing out the maintenance cost on a litter of pups could cost me a years supply of chewy sticks and squeaky balls, and to imagine no more trips to Pets at Home to sniff through the toy section and choose my next ball to take down the park. So with Jasper not being much help I would like to hear from any of you guys that have any tips, or even dread the thought, have actually done the dirty deed, my mum and dad are suggesting I do. Look forward to all new doggy pals getting in touch with some doggy tips. Love Mystique xx


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Things I love: I love to play with balls and anything squeaky!

Things I hate: I hate being groomed.

My favourite walks: Nightingale woods where I can run to my heart content.

Other pets who share my home: Jasper my best mate he is a white standard poodle

My favourite saying: High Five!

Breed: Poodle
Type: Pet Dog
Sex: Male
Birthday: 25/02/2013
Country: United Kingdom
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