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Hello, my name is Kris. I used to race but broke my hock in Aug 2012 so I was retired. My owner kept me and looked after me and mended my leg, which is good as new, but he didn't want to race me again incase I got hurt.


My new mum had a tough year that year, she already had 3 ex racers, but in March she lost her girlie Kitty to spleen tumour. Then in August she lost one of her boys, Scully, to renal failure, then in November she lost Bouncer (who is already on here) to secondary tumours in his lungs, he had had 2 stomach tumours and had his front leg amputated due to radial nerve tumour. So in a space of 8 months she lost all 3 of her dogs.


As my owner thought I was such a special boy, he asked Greyhounds4u ( my mum is a part of the homing team), if one of the team could find a home for me, as I would make a great 'meet and greet' dog as apparently I have a lovely nature. Well thats where my mum comes in. She took me home in January. And we love each other very much, I hope I have helped to fill the void she felt after losing her 3 dogs so recently.


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Things I love: Anything of my mum's! Slippers, clothes you name it! Also my toys and food, I love my food!

Things I hate: Loud bangs and being surprised as I'm a little nervous, but my mum says I'm getting better ;)

My favourite walks: Any walk is a favourite, just love walking.

Other pets who share my home: Just some tropical fish, and other greyhounds who come and spend their holidays with us, as my mum looks after them whilst their mum and dads go on holiday.

My favourite saying: Let's play!

Breed: Greyhound
Type: Rescue Dog
Sex: Male
Birthday: 17/03/2009
Country: United Kingdom
Owner: rosegarden
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