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Jax & Molly

Jax & Molly

Jax & Molly

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 Hi, my name's Jax. I like to run, jump, play fetch and hump my toy fox. My dad says I'm like a pogo stick because I bounce around so much. I love other dogs and will happily join any pack I meet. My other hobbies include barking at my Dad when he plays guitar,sticking my legs in peoples sides or jumping onto their private areas when then they are relaxing on the sofa. Life is fun. =) Recently Molly has moved in so I have a friend to play with. She is a long haired Jack Russell who is 4 months younger than me.

Things I love: Chewing, playing with other dogs, swimming, running, playing fetch, & jumping .

Things I hate: The hoover and rain.

My favourite walks: By the river or in the moors.

My favourite saying: woof

Breed: Jack Russell Terrier
Type: Pet Dog
Sex: Male
Birthday: 10/05/2012
Country: United Kingdom
Owner: DALER