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Polly and Peggy

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Polly and Peggy
Polly and Peggy
Polly and Peggy

I am now 7 months old, and have learnt a few bits (not much really)

To date I have chewed up 2 pairs of glasses and 3 and a half pairs of slippers (im still looking for the remaining slipper) I WILL find it!

I will go back when called IF there is nothing better to do and  IF I fancy a treat.

I dont do any of the "sit" and "lie down" stuff pointless I feel. I go to my bed if I want to sleep cannot see the point for any other reason.

Im clean in the house mainly because the nagging was getting me down!

I am now 18mths old and Im a good girl, but I also have a sister now who is 6 months old and she is very naughty and just this week she chewed the settee! She also pulls on the lead and bites my ears for a pastime!


Polly and Peggy's Friends

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Things I love: Chewing

Things I hate: Puppy food

My favourite walks: Off the lead in a field

Other pets who share my home: Peggy now 6 mnths old been with us since she was 8 weeks old

Breed: Border Terrier
Type: Pet Dog
Sex: Female
Birthday: 06/04/2012
Country: United Kingdom
Owner: mojo
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