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Fern like Boris was from Many Tears Rescue we got her when she was two and a half. She was on a puppy breeding farm until the rescue were ask to take her. She is scared of people and hides when approched by strangers. When she goes out she can be mischievious and look for things to roll in that are wet ,dirty or smelly. At home she is very loving and sometimes climbs on your lap,she is a bit bossy with her house matesand likes to think all toys are hers.


Fern's Friends

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Things I love: Water ,playing with toys and my friends,going in the car,being hugged ,rolling in smelly or dirty things.Being groomed,Goiing on holiday,rolling in the snow

Things I hate: Traffic, noise, wind, people scare me, going out if its near to home .

My favourite walks: Where theres water or in the forest, on the beach ,in the snow

Other pets who share my home: Boris ,Saint Bernard and Gabby French mastiff

Breed: St. Bernard
Type: Pet Dog
Sex: Female
Birthday: 20/07/2005
Country: United Kingdom
Owner: saintfe
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