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My name is Sophie, I am a Staffie cross Boxer. I was one of eight puppies, four of my brothers and sisters were homed by my (doggie) Mum's owner & the four of us left were taken in by the RSPCA in Preston Lancashire when I was 8 weeks old. We arrived there around Halloween time & were given related names.. I was called 'Toffee' & my sister 'Pumpkin' my 2 brothers were called 'Tricks' & 'Wizard'


A few days later my 'Mum' & her daughter arrived at the rescue centre, my brothers & sister went straight up to the door to see who had come to visit us.. I stayed back taking it all in, then 'Mum' said 'Are you coming to say hello then'? with that I bailed out of our bed and ran to see... giving lots of kisses & a very waggy bottom ! And, that's how I chose MY Girls. After all the usual checks were done, I went home with them on Friday 12th November 2010


If anyone happens to know / or is owned by one of my brothers & sisters who were adopted after me, then please get in touch :D

Equally if you live near the Ribble Valley & would like to join me for 'walkies' feel free to contact us! I love to play, run around & I'm very friendly


My life after that has been one whirlwind of walkies, numerous destroyed toys... I can't help it... they just aren't as strong as me.. I love chewies, my girls buy me rawhide 'ringring' chewies... they are amazing.. the 'ringrings'! ... well okay, my girls are pretty amazing too :D I like my sleepies too... nothing better than sleepies in one of my girls beds.. I do have a huge pink croft crate that has soft snuggly blankies in, when the girls are too busy to snuggle... I go there & catch a few zzzzZZZZZzzzzZZ's it's my haven from the hoover et al !


01/03/2012 - Wooohoooo ! My girls have just booked a cottage on The Isle of Skye, we're all going on holiday together later this year.. It will be my first holiday... I knew they wouldn't leave me behind <wag>


29/03/2012 - I've been a busy girl! The weather has been good so I have been out and about a lot.. I visited the Forest of Bowland yesterday, Bowland Forest is not actually a forest but a large open area of moorland, farmland and woodland. The moorland fells are crossed with deep narrow valleys. The towns and villages of Bowland are around its edges rather than in its centre and so it is a rather solitary place, beautiful to look at and to walk, ride or cycle in, with hardly any disturbance from roads. Or in my case... a Great place to investigate!  


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Things I love: I love.... to 'lollop' on the beach, my blankies, to snuggle, wake my girls up with 'kisses', Sunday dinner at my 'nanny's'

Things I hate: The Rain... Ice under my feet

My favourite walks: Anywhere! though I really love Cuerden Valley Park & The Beach at Lytham St.Annes

Other pets who share my home: Sprite (Syrian Hamster) Koi in our fishpond

My favourite saying: Snuggles? Kisses? Biccies?

Type: Rescue Dog
Sex: Female
Birthday: 12/09/2010
Country: United Kingdom
Owner: indi
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