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I am a one of a kind dog and you will never see a dog like me!!  :)



Hello, my name is Maddie but when i am getting told off i get my full name Maddison which isn't often as i am a good dog for my owners. I am 10 years

old at the moment and still going strong, I consider my self really lucky as i have 3 owners at home who look after me and 2 more owners who don't live with me any more but when i do see any of them i go scatty like christmas has come around again.  




My house is very big and i have my own bed at the bottom of the stairs as well as my own seat on the coutch in the livingroom, one of my owners does spoil me though and covers me up in a blanket when i want to go to sleep :)

I have so many toys that i have being bought my very own basket to put them into, except i dont get bought bones anymore as all i do is bury them in the back garden, i try and do it without getting caught but my nose gives it away when i come in wih it mucky!!


My day at Burnsal

In the summer i go to this river called Burnsal. This is where i do all of my swimming and one of the best things about the place is that I am able to chase the ducks there, but the only bad thing is that when I get close to  them they fly away like chickens!!

Giving my owners a shower is also quite fun too because when I come out of the water I tend to shake and get them all wet and full of my hairs which doesn’t bother me but I think it bothers them a little

Things I love: I love loads of things but the best one has to be going on walkies, no matter what the weather I will go outside, I also enjoy the snow as I am only small so I can jump around in it like a rabbit, puddles are also fun as I run straight into them but my owners don't think it's good as they have to dry me or bath after wards. Another thing I like is making sure that our hamster 'toffee crisp' is OK, I do this by following him around whilst he is in his ball, which i can never get bored of even

Things I hate: I don't really hate many things but the thing that I do hate is the hair dryer, every time one of my owners has it on I run a mile, I also don't like having a bath but I do enjoy running around my house trying to dry off after. I am also a very fussy eater so i get a new brand of food each time, i must of been through them all twice already.

My favourite walks: I love to walk anywhere that I can, I go to the seaside sometimes and I love going to Malham on the weakened, a nice walk to Janets Foss then a jump into the water, you can't beat it! the Yorkshire dales is also good but i have bad hips so I ache after a long walk, but it is worth it :)

Other pets who share my home: I share a home with our hamster called 'toffee crisp' and our fish who I can not remember the names of as there are too many.

My favourite saying: WALKIES!!! :D

Breed: Jack Russell Terrier
Type: Pet Dog
Sex: Female
Birthday: 28/05/2001
Country: United Kingdom
Owner: kim3694
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