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Hi I am Barkley.  I am married  to Gracie Griffin-Harris.  She is a gorgeous setter and she lives in Whales!!  We are moving to Whales so that I can be with her forever. I work as a model dog and appear in adverts, films and on the telly.  Mummee ses I am a real luvvy




Barkley's Friends

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Things I love: Running and running. Sniffing. Swimming. Agility. My mummy. Raw meaty bones. Mince. Chicken wings, chicken carcass. Lots of attention. Daisy Mae and Tallulah. Playing fetch. Visitors.

Things I hate: Food with butternut squash in - yuk. Having my eyes cleaned. Black labradors who stare at me.

My favourite walks: In the fields. Seaside. Beach. New places. Woods.

Other pets who share my home: Tallulah Setter and DaisyMae red and white setter

My favourite saying: Arooo rooo rooo!!!!

Breed: Irish Setter
Type: Pet Dog
Sex: Female
Birthday: 31/12/2007
Country: United Kingdom
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