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Tallulah (Sea Tamarisk Moon Gazer)

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Tallulah (Sea Tamarisk Moon Gazer)

Hi I am Tallulah

I used to be Tallulah trouble, but I am a  very good girl now. I used to compete in agility competitions and do really really well. I still do the occasional show, but I am not as fit as I used to be, and I have to take lots of tablets to ensure I continue to have a good  time. Yesterday our DaisyMae the Red and White Irish Setter became a film star. Barkley and I were invited onto the set later in the day as "extras".  DaisyMae spent all day on set, and was very happy. Barkley and I were fed up because we had to sit in the back of the car until we were filmed running on Wimbledon Common. That was great fun.  Hope we get more work like that in future. xx





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Things I love: Ball. Agility. Food. Running and chasing. Swimming. Trick training. Seaside. New places. Being nosey. My friends. Days out. A lovely juicy raw meaty bone.

Things I hate: Vets !!! vets and even more vets!!! my tablets. Thunderstorms. Fireworks. Noisy places.

My favourite walks: Fields, trees, rivers, canals. Beach.

Other pets who share my home: Barkley Setter, and DaisyMae red and white Setter

Breed: Irish Setter
Type: Pet Dog
Sex: Female
Birthday: 15/09/2003
Country: United Kingdom
Owner: Tallullah
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