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I am a rescued greyhound.  My racing name was Jacuzzi West and that was changed to Bubbles when I stopped racing.  I ran about 80 races and finished 1st in about a third of them but I when finished lame in one race that was the end of my racing days. 

I found my new owners through Northwest Retired Greyhound Trust.  When they visited I was too nervous to come out of my bed area but luckily the lady saw me and felt extra sorry for me.  They said that because something had happened to make me so nervous I needed extra TLC.   Anyway here I am in my new home.   I've been here since October 2010.  I was really nervous at first and used to tyry to hide at the bottom of the garden and spent most of my time hiding in my comfy bed.  After a week or so they got my 'brother' Bruno too.  He isn't really my brother but he looks just like me (we are both brindle) and he is just 2 days younger than me.   He is nuts.  My mum says there has to be a happy medium between the two of us - but she loves us both.  He has a page of his own.  My mum says I am like Eeyore and Bruno is like Tigger - but I've had enough names really as they decided that my personality didn't suit the name Bubbles for some reason.   Instead they started calling me Barney Rubble, thinking that Rubble sounded like Bubbles so I'd know who they were talking to...but now they just call me Barney....But for some reason sometimes they call me Barney Trouble....I don't care as long as things stay like this....2 lovely meals a day plus snacks...two walks a day...a comfy bed and a companion for when my owners have to go out...and a garden to stoll round in and have the occasional race with my pal.

The only problem is that sometimes other people come to the house - big ones and little ones...and then I have to hide.   You just can't trust everyone.  Oh and then there's those pesky other dogs.  I don't know why but I just can't stand them near me.  It's taken a while to realise that they are all over the place everywhere we go.   I've got used to seeing them running around off the lead - but boy do I hate it when they get near to me...It's me who's supposed to be doing the chasing round - not them.  


I hope you like my photos.  The first one is when I was at the rescue centre.  The second one was taken in May.   My owner was thrilled because apparently it means that I am feeling all happy and relaxed - and it's taken her months to get a photo of me demonstrating this!


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Things I love: Eating; going for walks; my comfy bed; my owners; chasing round the house and the garden; chewing my toys.

Things I hate: Other dogs I don't know; strange men - especially wearing black; having to wear my muzzle when I go out for a walk; Bruno pinching the best spot in the bed;

My favourite walks: Anywhere where I can avoid other dogs.

Other pets who share my home: Bruno my greyhound 'brother'.

My favourite saying: 'Do you want a little snack'?

Breed: Greyhound
Type: Pet Dog
Sex: Male
Birthday: 14/04/2006
Country: United Kingdom
Owner: TwoGreys
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