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Daisy Mae

Daisy Crazy Mae

Daisy Mae

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Daisy Mae

Hi Me Daysea Mae. Me Irish Red and White Setta.  Many ppl finks me is a BIG springa Spangle, but I am the original colour of the Irish Setta. The reds are the impostas


I work as a fotograffic model. I have appeered in adverts and soon will bee on a t.v. programme in Jewlie.  I luv bee in the limelite and revel in orl the attenshon I get wen I am on set.


I dont have a bf at present despite me be a very pretty gal - mummee ses. 

Things I love: Food. Toys. My best friend Mia. Sunshine. Chasing. Agility. Being nosy. Running. Swimming. Getting my own way. My family. New places. Squirrels. Our friends Sharon and Rob with their horses. Modelling.

Things I hate: Dogs who bark at me from their gardens as we pass by. Dogs who bark from the back cars at agility shows. Nasty dogs. Lemons.

My favourite walks: Where there are bushes, shrubs, woodlands. Heath. Riverside walks. Seaside.

Other pets who share my home: Tallulah and Barkley.

My favourite saying: Please sir, can I have some more.

Breed: Irish Red & White Setter
Type: Pet Dog
Sex: Female
Birthday: 17/11/2009
Country: United Kingdom
Owner: fransetter
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