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My mum and dad collected me from my mummy Molly when I was 6 weeks old and although I was a bit quiet at first I soon settled in.   We lived in Solihull then and I was a bit scared of all the traffic at first but then I got used to it, but I did prefer the quiet of the countryside and loved walking the greenway at Stratford.


Then we moved to Brussels which was OK but the traffic was worse then, but my mummy and daddy found nice parks for me to walk in.  Then we moved to the countryside and lived in Genval which was much better.  After that we went to Switzerland which was fabulous lots of great walks.  I met loads of dogs there too - Tosca, Madeo, Molly and Barclay and we all had sleep overs at each others houses while our parents went away.  My claim to fame in Switzerland was that I lived next door to Jack Collins - Phil Collin's dog, but Jack was not too friendly I have got to say - but Phil was OK.


Now we are home in Askam and this is my favourite place.  I live near the beach and I have loads of friends.  We go off on holiday and I get to stay in lovely hotels and cottages all over the place. They never leave me except with my Auntie Lorna or Sandra and Brian who have Marley and Taz.  I am really good to my mummy and dad and get them out plenty which keeps them healthy. 


Just stayed at Trigony House Hotel near Dumfries.   What a fabulous place and so dog friendly.  Great grounds to walk in and walks around the hotel and Drumlanrig castle well worth a visit - loads of walks there too.  My mum and dad said the food at the hotel was scrumptious and the room we had was large and airy - room 8.  The garden room would be lovely but it was booked.  But well worth a stay and got it from dog friendly britain web site.

Things I love: I just love Askam beach which is a stone's throw from my house. I love sniffing and meeting all my doggy friends - Marley, Taz, Max and the rest of the gang. I like to travel with my parents too and have lived in Solihull, Belgium and Switzerland. I have a Swiss passport. I love walking in the lake district which is just 30 minutes drive in the car. Like Grasmere best because we stop off at the garden centre and I sometimes get a bit of my mum's scone!

Things I hate: I hate people who do not pick up their dog's poo. But apart from that I am pretty laid back about most things.

My favourite walks: Definitely Askam beach and Victoria Street there are such lovely smells around there, especially Gemma the black lab over there who is gorgeous. We all love Grasmere and Rydal water walk and High Dam at Newby Bridge is just great especially first thing in the morning when I sometimes get to chase a deer, but never caught one yet!

My favourite saying: Handle every stressful situation like a dog, if you can't eat it or hump, then wee on it and walk away.

Breed: Retriever (Labrador)
Type: Pet Dog
Sex: Male
Birthday: 18/12/1999
Country: United Kingdom
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