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My name is Rabbit and my sister is called Gina. We are half Norfolk Terriers and half Jack Russell. We love tennis balls. I hang about with my mum Lilly in her LoveMyDog studio in Hoxton London where I am head model pooch muse and she makes me lots of special things. I love designer dog accessories and a good scratch on my belly.




I love it when other dogs come in to play in the Studio with me and Lilly, and she can makes them cool clothes too!


I even have my own twitter and facebook page!!/RabbitLoveMyDog


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Things I love: I love Tennis Balls, chasing Squirrels, swimming and my warm tweed coat my mum Lilly made for me.

Things I hate: I Hate Cats, squirrells, and big scary bin liners that blow down the road.

My favourite walks: I love walking along the canal with my mum Lilly when she takes me to work with her at LoveMyDog.

Other pets who share my home: I am an only dog, but I like it best that way, sometimes my friend Buddy comes over to play.

My favourite saying: What can I wear today?

Breed: 0
Type: Pet Dog
Birthday: 14/01/2007
Owner: Rabbit
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