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Things I love: I love the beach, I run along and I never get tired, I love the rock pools in Cornwall. My mum and dad take it in turns to take me out everyday, i like going to diffeerent places, I get so excited in the car I can hardly wait to get my ball and run round. I caught a rabbit recently - my mum shouted at me! so i let go of it. But I know where it hides, and I keep a lok out for it.

Things I hate: I am not keen on Cats, I thinks thats what they are called, there are alot in my road, and I used to ignore them but now when i am supposed to get into the car i usually decide to chase them instead.

My favourite walks: My favourite walk is in the wood near to my homs, there is also a lake, and i dont wait to be asked, I just leap in and splash about I love it!!! when I go on holiday the beach is my favourite. If im very good i get to share the picnic aswell.

Other pets who share my home: there is a goldfish in the kitchen, but its a bit too high up for me to get my nose into the bowl.

My favourite saying: is my tea ready yet?

Breed: Spaniel (English Springer)
Type: Rescue Dog
Sex: Female
Country: United Kingdom
Owner: Diane
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