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Tilly was found on Christmas Eve in a cardboard box which also contained her puppy and another small xbred male white male dog (father?) outsdide a supermarket next to a river. They were all terrified -taken to a local rescue kennels .near my home speaking to the head kennel maid I visited finding that the other 2 had gone to homes .Tilly was cowering in a pen on her own very miserable .matted fur and very thin . Vet thinks she was only a year old herself .5 years on and she is twice the weight  and very healthy and happy . apart from nervousness  around small children and an exstatic boucing about when we have curry or any ready meal !  I feel all 3 maybe survived on scraps and leftovers. I had to have the vet clean her teeth  as they were in  very bad condition.and very sensetive . At least she can now enjoy play pulling games  .She also has a very fine wooly type coat that shows skin through when she is bathed so feels the cold inwinter but hates having a coat put on -i wonder if the children in her previous home dressed her up to play ?-a guess on my part .


I am feeling a bit sudued as my friend  is not here any more. I am getting a lot of cuddles tho' and some extra treats Ii am getting used to going out for walks without my friend Tanzey .but am a bit shy with other dogs .i have started to go for long walks with my Mum with lots of other people and dogs and feel OK doing that,as before,-Tanzey didnt want to go very far when we went out togehter .

Things I love: I love food -because i never got enough to eat in my previous home. i love snuggling down in a warm bed and am very lazy if i am nice and comfortable somewhwere.i love playing with soft toys and have learnt to love running arund outside in the countrside. I love chasing things too ,but am not really allowed to .i would be afraid if anyhing i chased stopped and turned round to face me !

Things I hate: I dont like little children or big males or big dogs .I was very frightened before i lived here by these .so am still not confident when i meet them . I also hate having a bath or having to wear coats (but i get very cold if i dont in wintertime) as i have thin fur.

My favourite walks: i like country tracks and lots of nice smells that are around in the couintryside .i like it when we go caravanning as its all new and exciting. i also like goping to the pub every week where i lie under the table and sometimes get tit-bits

Other pets who share my home: Tanzey the llasa Apso is another female .,she was here before me and i sometimes get frightened when i'm out she helps me to feel OK . She is older than me so thinks she is 'top dog' but i sneak into her bed when she's not looking ,but she doesnt mind and is very good natiured.

My favourite saying: 'come and get your Dinner'-. i jump up and down for joy when my owner says this.

Breed: Crossbreed & Mongrel
Type: Pet Dog
Sex: Female
Country: United Kingdom
Owner: cosymut
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