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Hi! Pleased to meet you. I am new to this so please bear with me. I live in Yorkshire with my family of two humans and my adopted sister Sasha - the Chocolate Labrador. Although I am nearly seven, I first met my family just three years ago.

I used to be used as a breeder in a puppy farm - what a cruel way to treat us - but I was taken in and helped by Many Tears Rescue and they helped me to find my new family. When I first came here, I was still having nightmares; my new mum said she had never seen this and they kept telling me how beautiful I was but I think being beautiful was what got me into trouble in the first place. I hope my puppies all went to nice homes but I worry about them.

I didn't really know much about being a dog but my sister Sasha has shown me how to play, chase and curl up for a nap. She sometimes gets on the sofa for a cuddle but I'm not ready for that yet - I like to get away quickly when I am uncomfortable so my family come down to the floor to lie beside me. Have I mentioned how much I like it when they brush me?

Went for a day out to the beach. Look at me! Didn't like the water at first.






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Things I love: Being brushed. Playing with Sasha (although she does roll in some smelly stuff). Relaxing with my family. Lying in the sun. Even enjoyed lying in that cold white stuff. Oranges.

Things I hate: Sudden noises. Anything new.

My favourite walks: Anywhere with my family.

Other pets who share my home: Sasha and our two humans

My favourite saying: Come and be brushed.

Breed: Retriever (Golden)
Type: Rescue Dog
Sex: Female
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