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Tanzey was bought as a puppy at 9 weeks not a breeder  but a home where the male lodger saw to the puppies. And she has always liked men ever since -just shows  how early they form likes/dislikes. very fond of small children too- thanks to having small grandchildren when she was a puppy .. I  used to take her to my workplace a rehab metal health unit where she was a great therapy to the patients especialy males. Is still healthy and usual placid temperament (and stubborness)  of breed! 

2012 update- Tanzen is now 13  and is hard of hearing also sight not so good -but still manages to enjoy life . walks are shorter at her request !  i.e. turns round for home when shes  had enough. but still lively when she wants to be. no other health problems up to now ,seems to stay well on senior dog food+glucosamine supplements (for dogs ).


Sad to report Tanzey has passed over to Doggy heaven ,she enjoyed very good heaslth throughout her 14 years,and died peacefully with us all -heart failure (my daughter is a vet nurse and no time to take her to vets -which woulfd have caused unneccesary trauma .) She had jer gfirdst holiday in cornweall and also her last ,which she loved and had agsain ther whole family there too .

other dog Tilly is ajusting ,and hopefully will incfease in confidence gradually .

i will take her off the site soon ,but so good to have her details here for a while ~~~~~~

Things I love: MY Ball ! .I am obsessed with it and no other will do (replacements have to be exactly the same kind ).As i am getting on a bit,Ii forget where i left it and expect my owner to know where it is and bark to get her looking ! I love lobbing it under the furniture and bark until she gets it back . I am now getting on for 14 The vet says my muscle tone is good for my age -and teeth good too that'll be the ball I chew The ! trouble is i cant see and hear so well now-ah well food is still my hobby !.

Things I hate: Having a bath and clip -i am not so tolerent now i am am older .but tend to lick instead of nipping -I am a Llasa Apso and we are good natured -cant let the side down ! cant say i hate anything that much - i did get a bit annoyed with the addition of the waif-n-stray Tilly who was a bit clingy but calmed down now .and we get on OK Oh - dont like stotgun noises either -I have got sensitive hearing y.know!

My favourite walks: I like short walks where I can sniff a lot for ages -,but my owner wants to get going all the time . I enjoy new places when we caravan - and car rides to different sniffs .Also to the pub on Fridays to meet other folks and dogs.

Other pets who share my home: Tilly the 'allsorts' dog who is a bit smaller than me (so i can put her in her place if needed) but we get on OK -and both or naughty and bark at people when we are together .

My favourite saying: GO for a walk ! and -of course Dinner ! or 'get your ball !

Breed: Lhasa Apso
Type: Pet Dog
Sex: Female
Birthday: 31/03/1999
Country: United Kingdom
Owner: cosymut2
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