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Willow Dale

Five Acre View Bed and Breakfast.

Willow Dale (Baileys Bracken)

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My name is Willow Dale formerly known as Baileys Bracken, my mum likes Baileys. I came from a farm in Darlington at 8 weeks old, to live in Rosedale Abbey at Five Acre View Bed and Breakfast, which my mum runs and my Dad is a farmer.

We have lots of guests who come to stay at the Bed and Breakfast who bring their owners with them. Three of my good friends are Alfie, Sid and George, they are 3 little Shitzu's, they come to stay a lot and are lots of fun.

Five Acre View, is right in the North Yorkshire Moors, so there is plenty for us four legged friends to do, lots and lots of walks, and special swimming in the river on a hot summers day.

Things I love: Escaping out of the garden. No matter how high they put the fence I still manage to jump it!! I love markies they are my favorite, the odd beef bone. SOCKS!! I adore socks. I used to have a lovely cuddley pheasant once that my mum bought for me, but I decided to eat it. I really like a yorkshire pudding and gravy, and love coming in the house on an evening. I really enjoy going on our shoot, although I find it hard to concentrate at first cause I just want to play.

Things I hate: I hate not being able to get out of the garden to where my mum is, but I always find a way. Really dont like tomatoes and mushrooms, why do they eat those things??. Football, my dad watches it every sunday, why dont they just pick the ball up in their teeth and run of with it? silly humans. Oh, and grooming, I can only take so much, get bored after a while, want to be off to walk round and round the coffee table and drive everyone mad. Computer keyboards so hard to use with paws!!

My favourite walks: I love our garden, it loos right over the moors and our fields where I can really run around, I love going down to the river for a swim. One of my favorite days out is to the Pickering Game and Country Fair, it is really good fun, and I get loads of attention of people. I dont really like being on a lead because i'm not used to it, I'm a country dog you see, so I dont really know a lot about roads. Sometimes we walk to the village on the road and I hate the lead, so I pull my mums arms off.

Other pets who share my home: Where do I start! we have a guinea pig called Marty and a Rabbit called Gracie,mummy says I'm not allowed to play with these because I would want to pick them up or try to unstuff them, they are not the same as cuddley toys, we have a hamster, a canary, cockatiel and about 70 cows, oh and fish.

My favourite saying: 'you cant really see me climbing on the sofa, cause if I go real slow I'm invisible'

Breed: Spaniel (Field)
Type: Working Dog
Sex: Female
Birthday: 04/01/2007
Country: United Kingdom
Owner: Willow Dale
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