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I love paddleing with my Mum on the beach, I also love cuddles with my Mum.


I love sitting on the window still with my Dad holding me, the trouble is he gets tried and I have to get down, I could stay there all day if he would let me.


I love to roll in the Snow and flick it in the air and jump on it.


I am very friendly when I get to know you, but I am a little fightend of new dogs.


I have a girlfrind who is a black Lab called Meggie, she is alot older than me.(I am only 18 months old).


I have been poorly this last week I don't like this hot weather to much, my girlfriend Meggie has just had an op and is now recovering. 


I am looking forward to my hoildays with my Mum, Dad and Freddie(granddad), I will have to go paddleing with my Mum she just loves to get her feet wet.


Freeways Friends:- Freddie, Millie, Ted, Misty, Taytah, Badger, Roxy, Hector, Alan, Benji, Harry, Charlie, Jack, Holly, Alfie, Jess, Dyson, Jack,



Freeway's Friends

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Things I love: Cuddles with my Mum or Dad, Walks, Playing Ball, Chewing anything I can get my paws on, Snow, Chewie Bones, Baths

Things I hate: Going out in the Rain &/or Wind,

My favourite walks: On the Beach or in the Woods

Other pets who share my home: None

My favourite saying: Walkies

Breed: West Highland
Type: Pet Dog
Sex: Male
Birthday: 29/08/2009
Country: United Kingdom
Owner: Bubbles