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Sam Gascoigne

Sam Gascoigne

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Sam Gascoigne
Sam Gascoigne
Sam Gascoigne

I thought i'd say hi to you all and give you a brief look into my life so far......


I was born in July in Top Valley, Nottingham to a lovely doggy family.

My doggy mummy was very protective of me and my 7 siblings and growled and barked everytime someone came to see us as she knew we had to go with them.

My doggy daddy was even more protective so he had to be kept away from us everytime humans came to see us.

I am proud that they were so protective it has taught me how to be protective of my new human parents.


5 of my brothers and sisters were the traditional jack russell colours but me and my sister were all brown. They all went first and left me and my sister as we looked different......

This was the key to me finding my new human parents. They spotted my picture on the internet and fell in love with me because I was different! They did consider both me and my sister but happily chose me.


I went home with them the day I turned 9 weeks old and felt happy straight away.

I went in granddads car and had a snack when I got to my new home.

I was that happy that when my new human daddy was eating his dinner I fell asleep on his feet!!


Since then I have been to the vets to have my jabs and a microchip. I like going there as I get to play with the scales.


Mummy and daddy don't drive so we catch the bus and I love it as I can have a nap.


We have also visited my great granddad (dada) who lives in a care home. I get very excited when we go there as lots of people want to play....


When we go for walks we pass my friend Marley's house. He has massive paws as he is a labrador but we liked to lick each others noses and ears. He saw me out on a walk today and bounded over for a play - it was very very fun


I think thats it for now - I like all dogs and love to play, it would be nice to be friends and mummy and daddy have said if you live local we could meet up to play. 


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Things I love: My human parents, chewing grass and sticks and stealing mummy's shoes (shh!!)

Things I hate: Anything hanging that I can't reach and when daddy won't throw the ball....

My favourite walks: Now i'm allowed to walk mummy and daddy have been taking me different places. For my first ever walk we went on the bus and then the train into Nottingham. The pigeons wouldn't play :( Since then I have been into Mansfield and Sutton and also to the ponds. Thing is daddy thinks I can walk further than I can so mummy insists we go on shorter walks now until i'm bigger!!

Other pets who share my home: I help to look after 2 goldfish called Whisky and Baby they are 6 years old.

My favourite saying: Grrrrrr woof grrrrrr

Breed: Jack Russell Terrier
Type: Pet Dog
Sex: Male
Birthday: 11/07/2010
Country: United Kingdom
Owner: em_lou007
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