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Bulmer our puppy


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Hi, im bulmer. Im a 7mth old  and spoilt rottern.

Im a brindle staffy x.


I love playing and going for walks, but i love a snuggle on the sofa with mam 2!


 Im very lucky as my mother and brother are owned by my owners sister so we visit and play together regularly.

I've just started to learn to fetch, i love chasing the ball but not to fond of the fetch part, mum says im doing better though.


I recently got my first kong product, and wow was i impressed. mam filled it with peanut butter and mixer and for the next 45mins all i could think off was getting the peanut butter out.


 Now everyday when mam goes to work she leaves me a kong packed with something delicious.

It really eases the boredom of being home alone.


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Things I love: I love walkies, meeting new friends, playing with kayla and daz but best of all i love my half a cocconut shell, given to me by my neighbour and his grandson. Its great i can rub my new teeth on it, spin it on its back (thats fun) or just throw it around the garden.

Things I hate: Im not to fond of bathtime, im not naughty in the tub but, i do sulk throughout. other than that i like everything and everyone.

My favourite walks: My favourite walk of all is up to the mountain, to the resevoir with my family, sun shinning and a picnic.

Other pets who share my home: Im an only child in that respect.

My favourite saying: " BULMER DIN-DINS"

Type: Pet Dog
Sex: Male
Birthday: 13/06/2010
Country: United Kingdom
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