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ellie belli-boo



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I dont remember what happened to me before I found myself here, I just know that the car stopped, and I got out, then the car drove away... I was very frightened, but knew if I stayed here, they would come back for me....lots of people tried to come near me, and I had to run away from them, but I came back when they had gone, so my people could find me when they came back.


There was a lot of traffic, and I was in danger, but I was a good girl, and I stayed close by. I foiled several attempts to capture me, and even the dog-catcher couldn't get me. People seemed afraid I would be killed by the traffic. A week later, a couple who'd tried to get near me all week, caught me, because I was so tired and weak, and they took me into their house.


The police told them that no-one had reported me missing, which I  couldn't believe, so this couple were allowed to foster me until my people found me They took me to the vet, which I didn't like, but I got  treatment for a few things that had been bothering me, and I was innocculated, chipped, and spayed, so I could start to enjoy a better quality of life. My people never found me, so the couple became my new mum and dad.  After a few weeks I found that I really love them, and I know they love me, even though I can be a bit naughty, and because I'm  a bit nervous, I can seem aggressive.


They take me to dog-club where I've learned how to be less afraid of people and other dogs, and I've achieved my Bronze Award in Citizenship, which mum and dad are very proud of. They would like me to go for the Silver Award, but we all think I'd be too scared to let a stranger examine me... I still get really anxious with strangers, and I have to wear a horrible muzzle at the vets, to protect me from getting a mouthfull of veterinary hand.. !


We've become a little family now, I even have a cat-brother, Stan, who, secretly, I could do without, 'cos he's always trying to cuddle-up, and I'd prefer to just sit near mum ,dad or grandma, but when its really cold and we have the fire lit... well I let him snuggle with me, just to keep everyone happy .



went to errington woods today, it was great came nose to hoof with three horses at various points , and I was told I am a good girl, 'cos I let them walk past me, (dad had to put me on the lead and made me sit till they went past, but I didn't growl or bark, so I guess I was good!!) even though I really wanted to bark and chase them away


I love it when mum and dad are off together, 'cos we get to go out for really long walks and go to the pub for lunch. I have my own water dish that mum carries round, and I get lots of chomping chews while they eat. If dad is having meat. I get little tid-bits, and I reeeeaaallly love them,'cos I usually only get doggy food and treats, so I lurve going to the pub for lunch 


Something thats always puzzled me.... if Stan the cat is soooo good, and I have to let him sit next to me on the sofa, or Leave! ..Leave! .. Leave!  his food/toy/neck  how come mum and dad always prefer to take me out, and he gets left home alone??  even though he says its because he 'chooses' to stay home and would hate to go walking or to the pub. I reckon he is not a good boy in public. Us dogs are pretty smart.

Things I love: my ball-on-a-rope... my dad... walks... cheese... chomping chews... my mum... rides in the car.... creeping in to bed with mum and dad at 4am.... toys - especialy my little ducky.... grandma.... looking out of the bedroom window.... oh.. all right then, Stan ( my cat-brother)....

Things I hate: the vet... getting my ears cleaned... stan (shhh.dont let mum and dad see this).... the postman - I know, I'm a cliche..what can I say??.... being sent back to my own bed if I dont creep in quietly enough... being left at home

My favourite walks: ainthorpe rigg-danby... on the beach to saltburn, then home via countryside footpaths... grosmont toll-road... errington woods and upleatham

Other pets who share my home: stan, the cat

My favourite saying: throw it again, throw it again

Type: Rescue Dog
Sex: Female
Country: United Kingdom
Owner: moogli
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