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Jazz Marshall

The Adventures of a Lunatic Dog


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My sister and I first went to live with a family including 3 children under the age of ten.  It was great fun, I was the boss and did exactly as I liked.  After 18 months our parents decided we were too mischievious and took us to Battersea Dogs Home Windsor.  At Battersea they decided I was too bossy and that my sister and I should go to seperate homes.  ( I still miss being able to order her about!)  Anyhow I did the doggy thing of wagging my tail at every human that passed that could take me home.  I also licked everyone's hands.  Unfortunately I ended up with Kennel Cough.  It was while I was being nursed in the Sick Bay that Richard and Linda came along to the home and said they really wanted a dog, did they have anything suitable.  Well Linda wanted someone to go walkies with her so that she could work off a bit of extra weight she had gained and although they only had a flat the lady at Battersea thought that I might suit them.  Well I was quite taken with them when I saw them, I wagged my tail lots and licked them lots.  They seemed smitten almost immediately and I went home with them that very day.  Their flat was a bit small and they kept me in the lounge at night which I didn't like very much and my new mum had to get up early to come and keep me company or else I would make a lot of noise.  Eventually they gave in and let me sleep in the bed with them and everything was much more pleasant for all of us.  For some reason though they seemed to like to have the bed to themselves occassionally and when we went on a little holiday last spring I was made to sleep outside the bedroom in my own bed.  I decided that as they had taken me on such a nice holiday I would keep sleeping in my own bed.  I still get on their bed when they are out and after breakfast in the morning though so life is pretty good!


Jazz's Friends

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Things I love: I love running free off the lead, getting into every muddy puddle and chasing ducks on the canal.

Things I hate: I hate having to sleep in my own bed at night.

My favourite walks: My favourite walk is over Ash ranges when the flags are down. I also like going on Tweseldown ranges. On very special occassions I really enjoy a walk on a beach.

Other pets who share my home: At the moment I am an only pet but mum and dad are talking about getting me a brother or sister.

My favourite saying: Let's go!

Breed: Jack Russell Terrier
Type: Rescue Dog
Sex: Female
Birthday: 08/12/2007
Country: United Kingdom
Owner: Linda M
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