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Lexi's Life


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I have been with my mum and dad since I was 8 weeks old they came and fetched me from my breeder and I had a 3 hour journey home in the car I had never been in a car before and it was a big adventure we stopped on moorland for mum to have me out for a wee and it was the first time I had worn a collar and lead but it was good mum wouldn't let me sniff around as I hadn't had my vacinations  I got a little bit bored and they wouldn't tell me how long till we get home when I asked so I went to sleep on mums lap then Kerry my human sister had me for a little while she wasn't too pleased with me at first as she thought mum and dad should have got a rescue dog but we love each other very much and I miss her now she has left home to live with her man...

When I was 3 years old we went to visit my mum's mum and I am very naughty and like to pick things up and investigate them well Nan had dropped a sewing needle and I decided I would see what it was and swallowed it well it hurt like mad and mum was so worried as she knew I had swallowed something but didn't know what so mum and dad rushed mr to the emergency vets he couldn't see anything so gave me some antibiotics and an injection and said it woul probably pass through if I had eaten something this was a saturday on the following Tuesday I felt so ill and was in a lot of pain so Mum and dad took me to our usual vets again they couldn't find anything and as i love the girls at the vets I forgot my pain and was all waggy and fluffy (as Mum calls it when I want attention) that I think they thought mum and dad were a bit paranoid over me they gave me some Gaviscon type stuff as they said if I had a sore gullet from what I had eaten it would help it ...Well another week went by the medicine helped and It felt a lot better but a stranger came to the door and I barked well the pain was excruciating and I just collapsed and I couldn't get up so mum and dad took me again to the vet when he examined me he found a lump on the side of my neck and decided to x-ray me well the sewing needle had gone crossways across my throat and was working it's way out of the side of my neck which while I was under they nicked the skin and pulled it out mum said I was very lucky to be alive as if it went down straight it could have pierced any vital organ.. Well I can tell you I won't do anything as stupid as that again ...But I still like to investigate things...  


Me at 8 weeks old

Wasn't I cute? I was such a good pup (though I say it myself) I have never in all the time I have been at Mom and Dads house made a mess

though Mom and Dad were very vigilant with me and used to get up in the night to let me out in the garden The next door neighbour thought we had burglers one night as he saw a torchlight in the garden it wasn't till he opened the window and looked out that he realised it was Mom following me around the garden with the torch hehe...

I had a crate till I was a year old to keep me out of mischief when I was left alone but Mom said at One year old I was big enough to be trusted with the house now I sneak on their bed when they go out I do have a little cry when they leave me but mom always says they are going shopping so I know they won't be too long as Dad doesn't like spending his money...I know when they are going out as mom puts this funny stuff on her face I think she thinks it makes her more pretty I did try it once with my sister Kerry as she used to put stuff on her face and gaze at herself in the mirror she used to pretend to put it on me but when I looked in the mirror it didn't really do anything for me as I am already so beautiful well mom says so...I forgot to say they always give me sweeties when they get back yummy.... 


Lexi's Friends

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Things I love: Walks,being dried with the hairdryer when I am wet,my toys, having cuddles and tummy tickles.

Things I hate: A-boards outside shops, big black dogs,baths and being brushed

My favourite walks: Anywhere as long as there is plenty of sniffs

Other pets who share my home: None

My favourite saying: If it wasn't for dogs some people would never go for a walk....

Breed: Miniature Schnauzer
Type: Pet Dog
Sex: Female
Birthday: 16/06/2004
Country: United Kingdom
Owner: suey
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