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maximum trouble, maximum delight !


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My name is MAX and I am a black labrador retriever. I am either completely chilled out or totally manic, nothing in between ! I love to chew old trainers and am currently on my third pair. My owners had a nice garden when they got me, plants ,veg, flowers n all that but i soon changed that ! i love to go walkies up the nearby cemetry n drink from the running taps used to water the flowers, i go nuts at this n spin round in circles like a looney. if my owners forget to click the stairgate shut properly i can push my nose under the handle , slide me paw along , push n im in...ha ha  ...last time they forgot i got in the loo n ruined 3 tiolet rolls! oh fun !         


        heres my friends ,FOZZIE looks just like my dad, and hey whos the other guy...looks like my twin !   and SAMMY of course and COSSIE know so much about u guys ,,feel like  buddies.                           


max's Friends

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Things I love: chewing trainers, stealing tomatoes of the garden, diving on the sofa, opening the stair gate ! oh and knocking the cups over so i can drink the slops

Things I hate: being shoved off the sofa, being shut in the kitchen when everyones eating crisps n chocolate, the hoover noise,

My favourite walks: emberton park so i can run in n out water !

Other pets who share my home: that stupid sqeaky hamster thing in the cage above my bed, i'll get it when i'm bigger lol

My favourite saying: ' WHO LET THE DOGS OUT....WHO CARES I LOVE EM'

Breed: Retriever (Labrador)
Type: Pet Dog
Sex: Male
Birthday: 12/03/2010
Country: United Kingdom