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Lola Bean

Miniature Schnauzer


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BOOF! My name is Lola Bean and I'm not even a year old yet. I came from a litter of 6 in Oxfordshire and experienced some really deep snow in the garden when I arrived at my new home. I was very good with the toilet training and soon was going for nice walks in the park.


This is me in my first basket. It didn't take me long to chew it to bits. Then I got a plastic one and after I out grew that, I got a nice wicker basket with a cushion and duvet. 


I 've completed my puppy training (that's me below when I graduated.) but I still have to practice my sits, stays & downs. I made some friends, Marcel & Valentino who I meet on the park for a scamper.




















































When I was very small and still hadn't managed to stop going to the toilet in the house, I had to sleep downstairs in my basket. After working my magic with my best soppy eye face, I'm allowed to sleep in the bedroom. I keep jumping on the bed but Mum keeps putting me back in my basket…GRRR!




My Mum works from home so while she's working, I lie on the sofa in her office. She tried to get me to help her but I don't think I'm a very good assistant so I just spend the day snoozing until it's time to go out for one of my walks. If Mum has to pop out, she usually takes me with her. I can tell if we're going somewhere posh as I have to wear one of my bandanas.I love going to the local coffee shops as there's lots of lovely smells and everyone fusses over me. 


I'm a Schnauzer and I love to sniff at things, it drives Mum mad! I do try to be good, but sometimes I can't resist temptation and I can be a little cheeky. Mum can't stay angry with me for long though as I'm too cute for that.


I hope you've enjoyed reading my biog. BOOF, Lola x



Lola's Friends

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Things I love: Playing with my little space hopper and I'm lucky, as I get lots of walks through the park and best of all, my scrambled egg & sausage I have as a treat on Sundays.

Things I hate: When I have to have my paws dried when I come in from my walk. I'm not allowed to sleep on the bed, I have to sleep in my basket. I keep cheekily jumping on the bed but I'm always put back in my basket. GRRR! I also don't like going out in the rain, I don't mind wearing my jacket but when it's raining my paws get cold so I'd rather stay indoors and play with my toys.

My favourite walks: The Arboraetum in Leicester. I love paddling in the stream, playing hide and seek in the long grass and meeting my pals.

My favourite saying: BOOF!

Breed: Miniature Schnauzer
Type: Pet Dog
Sex: Female
Birthday: 04/11/2009
Country: United Kingdom
Owner: Mele
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