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Oh Scooby Doo... I want to be like you


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I am a Parsons Jack Russell called Scooby Doo.  I have long legs and a wire coat.


Like most Terriers I love to chat but know I can be very demanding, its great keeping mum and dad on their toes.  


My best friend is mum and dad, they give me lots of new toys and plenty of treats.


Since my mummy picked me i have tried to  turned her life upside down.  She is the best and I know I couldnt be without her. 


Mum says i'm a bundle of  energy and fun is my middle name.  I love adventure with her but she came moan.  Dad and I often laugh at her 


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Things I love: Long walks with my mummy and playing games. I love heling with the laundry especially sorting it out. I even bring it down from the bathroom for her. Licking plates especially with meat juice and the odd scrap of meat on it. TREATS they're the best. Even when im sad mum always has one to hand. They always make me feel better. New toys - the best things especially when they squeek or make animal noises. Snuggling downwith mummy and a fleece blanket, we love to watching a good

Things I hate: I hate the postman, he is mean, everday he put things through the door and they drive me wild. I have told mum but he still does it. Humans who are mistreat animals - not giving us treats or let us sleep under the covers when we want. The meercat advert and wildlife programes as frives me wild. Dogs, children and adults who shows interest in my mum and dad when we're out on a walk it makes me very upset. Anyone who steals my ball / Mum cleaning, she always hides my toys

My favourite walks: Seeing the Kent Countryside Beaches, parks and woods in South Wales. Its great a I have loads of new adventure to have. Bushy Park in Surrey as Scooby loves to swim

Other pets who share my home: A mum and dad isn't that enought for any dog... Oh and that thing that swim around in a bowl. I hate it, it means i don't get attention if mum. She does that thing i hate but she leaves it in the bath. I think its a goldfish... not sure why i cant eat it!!! Tried once but I got told off. I often shout at it just because I can.

My favourite saying: Men come and go, but a scooby doo is forever...

Breed: Parson Russell Terrier
Type: Pet Dog
Sex: Male
Birthday: 09/04/2005
Country: United Kingdom
Owner: scoobydoo
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