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Jake Drummond Hurst

Jake The Helper !


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Hello Everyone Jake hear I hope you are all well

I have not been on hear for a while so let's catch up.

I am 3 now, and I am in Love with De lubly Fiona

I still help look after my Mum she is Disabled and a bit cool as she is on wheels. I get rides on my Mum's lap sometimes all though so does my sister Dru so we have to share that. But i pick things up for Mum when she drops things (which is quiet a bit) I also bring things in to my Mum like small bottles of water or what ever she needs, Dad will give it to me and i take it to Mum. Mum is also my typist she is o.k at it.

I love snugling with my Mum so i am always next to her.

My Mum is in a lot of pain but she says a snuggle from me makes her feel a bit better, I also love playing in the watter and running and playing with Charlie and Dru. Some people think we are a odd Family as Charlie is my Brother and a Rabbit and Dru or Drusilla is a Cat and my Sister,

We have all been rescued and live very hapily together with Mum and Dad who saved each one of us.

I am looking for some Furends so if you want to get to know me better please give me a bark

Hope to hear from you soon

                                                           Love and Licks Jake xxx  and Mum



























































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Things I love: playing in water, playing with chew toys, picking flowers, digging, watching bugs, playing with Charlie (my rabbit Brother), making friends with Dru (my cat Sister), running in garden, going for walks, meeting people, ice cream, treats, wearing trendy accessories, sleeping, going for rides in car

Things I hate: the word NO, My toys going up the hoover.

My favourite walks: Hornchurch country park, along the river Ingrebourne, Over Brittons and going to Whitstable a Dog Friendly place. I love going in the sea ! Even getting in the Pond for a paddle.

Other pets who share my home: Drusilla (my cat sister), Charlie ( my rabbit brother ), Elvi and Spike (birds), Little orange things in my swimming pool, l mean the pond

My favourite saying: What's he got ? As this means i have something nice and i Love to show everyone.

Breed: Crossbreed & Mongrel
Type: Pet Dog
Sex: Male
Birthday: 22/03/2010
Country: United Kingdom
Owner: Jakes mum Claire
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