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Ellie (Ellenor four paws) Cook

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Ellie (Ellenor four paws) Cook
Ellie (Ellenor four paws) Cook

Life has been a little Tough recently, Tam (my partner in crime) has a new job and works stupid hours, plus granny and grandpa (who we used to live with) have gone away and its up to me to adjust.  It's easy to say that it's not fair, but I'm trying to see it from everyones point of view, but its not always easy, when you're one you just have to kinda go with it.


of course there's Kim, she collects me when Tam is at work and I get to go and play with a load of other dogs, some good some bad ( there was a yorkshire terrier who used to bite me, but he bit Lillah who's a great dane and she bit back!!! bye bye pikey tikey) I like Lilha, but she can be a bit bossy. My best friend Dizzy had to move away because her packcheif got a new job and had to move away.


At least there's still Aurthur lick. and Lucky next door. He gets the whole pidgeon thing!! they are so RUDE!


It would be nice to hear from any one who also has a crazy urban life, to know how you deal with it and sometimes being left on your own.


Ellie OUt

Things I love: clean bed linen, my tennis balls ( I have about 5) Ice Cubes, Kim of Doggy Day Care

Things I hate: Pidgeons who use my paddling pool, actually pidgeons full stop. Boneo's (unless covered in marmlade) flip flops

My favourite walks: along the river and accross the Ham Lands

Other pets who share my home: Bob the gold fish (he used to share his tank with Vera, but she got sick and died)

My favourite saying: don't let yourself get old without knowing the feeling of mud in your ears.

Type: Pet Dog
Sex: Female
Birthday: 19/05/2009
Country: United Kingdom
Owner: tamage
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