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skittle the rescue pup


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Things I love: my mummy playing with my brother smartie playin in the garden the yummy treats mum gives me im a very good boy and sit nicely for them playing with the toys mummy gives me and smartie thundering about the house and having fun

Things I hate: the evil boy mummy rescued us from when we were two weeks old he cut our tails himself it was very painful i was so poorly mummy didnt think id survive but she botle fed me and took great care of me and my brother and were both happy and healthy now. and those nasty jabs to keep me healthy theyre horrible but we get lots of cuddles afterwards

My favourite walks: so far my favourite walks are anderby creek beach and the south common i havent been many places yet as i havent been fully covered from my jabs that long but mummys promised to take me and smartie lots more places now we are

Other pets who share my home: my brother smartie spector mummys oldest dog holly the rescue staffie dennis the rescue patterdale shalya the rescue alsation ted the norfolk terrier rescued from the same place as me and my brother before we were born charlie the parrot and roadie the rescue cockerel we all love it here cos we have a loveing permanent home

My favourite saying: puppy toilet it means i get to go in the garden im supposed to be house training but play with smartie instead when i do go though mummy gives me lots of praise and a treat

Type: Pet Dog
Sex: Male
Birthday: 20/03/2010
Country: United Kingdom
Owner: secretstar
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