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Things I love: Food, playing with my squeaky ball, food, the beach, food, the park, food, cuddles, food, sleeping, food, my big pig squeaky pig, the postman bringing me bones!

Things I hate: Rain, when nobody shares their lunch with me and when snow sticks to my legs and bum!

My favourite walks: I love all walks no matter where my owners take me. The best ones are walks down the river estuary to the sea where I go paddling and playing ball, I love it when we get to the beach and I can go digging in the sand.

Other pets who share my home: Three guinea pigs Roxy, Mousey and Fluffybum share my home. In the winter I like to pinch their carrots and cucumber as their cage is being cleaned but my favorite time is during the summer when they are in the garden and I can run round and round their cage barking at them. Lucky for me they don't care and just carry on munching the grass!

My favourite saying: Throw the ball people.....Throw the god damn ball!

Type: Pet Dog
Sex: Male
Birthday: 21/04/2009
Country: United Kingdom
Owner: Dexter
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