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max is our 5 year old jack russell terrier with three legs. he may only have three legs but he certainly doesnt struggle, he definately shows us as a family that three legged dog are very fast!!


max is a big comfort dog, he snuggles on my bed at night, with his head on the pillow and body under the duvet, its a dogs life!


max loves cuddles, he comes up to you and will cuddle next to you until you have to move, but the worst thing you cant say no to a three legged dog with cute dog eyes twinkling up at you! :)


max loves long walks in the countryside and in the woods, he loves meeting dogs but is not always the nicest greeter of dogs as he loves being the boss.


max loves walking through the woods with my friends dog " jazzy".


we love max and he loves us! :)


when my future family  came to 'Danemere rescue centre' to get a new dog,  i was the lonely, cold one in the end kennel barking at every person that came by, i only wanted somebody to love me. i had so much love to give but many people were put off by my back right leg missing!



as soon as 'carrie' my teen owner came she ran up to my kennel and said her mum that she wanted him. i became instantly happy.


i remember when they came down to the kennels daily, i used to jump into their arms and i used to wait by the kennel door waiting for them to arrive. when they did i would jump about and get very excited!!!!!


they took me walkies everyday and played with me until i finally came home!!


i loved my new home and i still do!! :) i am very spoilt now, my human parents even took me to harrods to buy a doggy jumper and 2 dog coats!


my love will never run out for this family, i love them to bones!! <3


MAX's Friends

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Things I love: I like long walks but my one back leg doesnt, as it becomes painful, playing with my ball. FOOD, treats and cuddles. Attention

Things I hate: Cats, the hoover and Dillon

My favourite walks: lake district, cumbria, country side centre,

Other pets who share my home: 2 rabbits, 3 fish

My favourite saying: " max got a new motor?"

Breed: Jack Russell Terrier
Type: Rescue Dog
Sex: Male
Birthday: 20/01/2005
Country: United Kingdom
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