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molly d


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Well, here we are again then.  In feburary 2010 I damaged my cruciate ligament in my left knee.  It made me limp amd I had to have an operation on it .  Now I have steel plates and screws inside my knee.  I was confined to barracks for a month and then 2 more months of 3 walks a day from 2 minutes up to 35 minutes until I was ok again.  No jumping or running or tugging or anything.  My owners had to carry me upstairs and into the garden for the first month.  It was hell for all of us but just 1 week before I was ready for the fields again, I did my other knee in too.......................Ah well, never mind.


My second operation is 3 weeks old now.  I'm not penned up.  That would be too cruel for a lively woofer like me my mum says.  So,  Dad built me a ramp to get me up the steps to the garden and he carries me (with great effort) up and down the stairs to bed (again).  I don't mind at all.  It saves me struggling and possibly damaging my leg.  Last time I had the operation, I jumped up onto the window seat.  I caught 'em out because they had forgot to put a chair on it when they went out.  It hurt a bit though and made me limp again.  The vet said I had broken a thin bit of bone !   It made it a week extra before I could go out for a walk again.  Thirty seven days in the end I was confined to barracks that time.  Dad has taken the window seat away now so I can't do that again anyway.

There's going to be some serious muck rolling when I am fully on form again I can tell you !!


woof ho Jake !


I only have Wednesday and Thursday, then it's off to the doggy surgeon for me again for a check up.   Ah ha..........Then..... it's......walkies time..........Yipeeee !!!  I can't wait !!!


Thing is though, Iv'e been having fun eating the plants in the garden.  I go all around sniffing each one in turn and, then, when I have sniffed out a particularly nice one................I bite it off !    What a lark.  My mum and dad do laugh.  If I keep it up, we wont have any flowers left at all.  I shall have to ration my biting or I will peak too soon.





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Things I love: Running through the fields and hedges like a loony and rolling about in cow muck.

Things I hate: When I'm not running through the fields and hedges like a loony and rolling about in cow muck.

My favourite walks: Anywhere where there are fields, hedges and cow muck.

Other pets who share my home: A few ants and a rather fast spider, who I shall eat when I catch him !

My favourite saying: Anybody who keeps a Springer must be, 'Barking Mad'

Breed: Spaniel (English Springer)
Type: Pet Dog
Sex: Female
Birthday: 12/06/2008
Country: United Kingdom
Owner: molly d
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