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Things I love: my human mum charlotte she bred me herself and id do anything for her doggy chews doggy chocs playing with the two puppies charlotte rescued sleeping in the sun going out in the car i love going ta tas going walkies

Things I hate: having my claws clipped my mum clips them regularly as they get very long very quickly the naughty little puppies jumping all over me when im trying to sleep the other dogs trying to steal my chews my mum going out in the car without me

My favourite walks: anderby creek the local common hartholme park

Other pets who share my home: skittle and smartie the rescue terrier puppies shayla the rescue alsation dennis the rescue patterdale holly the rescue staffy ted the rescue norfolk terrier charlie the parrot and roadie the rescue cockerel

My favourite saying: ive got two theyre walkies and ta tas (ta tas means im going somewhere fun in the car)

Breed: Jack Russell Terrier
Type: Pet Dog
Sex: Male
Birthday: 01/05/1998
Country: United Kingdom
Owner: secretstar1
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