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Things I love: water,walks,my toys ,running,chasing birds, eating my food and them stinky tripe sticks!! And i just love having a bath when i come back from my walks when i have been in that stinky pond!!

Things I hate: Having my bum sniffed i really dont like them naughty dogs that do rude!!

My favourite walks: any where there is water, I love to play with other dogs that dont sniff my bum i really dont like that, i love to outrun other dogs too i love to win!, I love to chase the ducks in our local pond much to the annoyance of my owners who shout for me to get out but i just ignore them and carry on swimming further out in to the middleof the pond then panic when i have to swim back!!

Other pets who share my home: sox the old cat!!! she lives on the landing because we just dont like each other all i want to do is play with her but she wont even look at me!!

My favourite saying: whos a good girl, and i just love it when they say "WALKIES" and open the boot of the car and say"GET IN" Love it when they call me a Pretty Girl

Breed: Spaniel (English Springer)
Type: Pet Dog
Sex: Female
Birthday: 12/11/2006
Country: United Kingdom
Owner: smithdryfus
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