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Lola Bear

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Lola Bear
Lola Bear
Lola Bear
Lola Bear
Lola Bear

I am currently the Trainee Security Guard for the residence. I'm not very good yet, though.

I spend most of my time sleeping on Dad's lap. And when visitors do come, I always get too excited and let them in.


But I'll get bigger and scarier- I'm talking to you Mr. Postman!!


Lola Bear's Friends

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Things I love: I Love my Mummy and Daddy lots, because we all have a snuggle in their big bed in the morning, and daddy works from home so we can play aaalllll day. I love walkies, too, because there are Ducks near our house, but i just cant figure out how to catch them floating on those big puddles....... And I love learning tricks so I'm dead clever- I can sit, stand, lay down, shake paw and do High-Fives! Mum's trying to teach me to roll over, but I get as far as the floor and just stay there!

Things I hate: I HATE ALL FEET / SHOE / SLIPPER TYPE THINGS AND THEY MUST DIE!!!! I don't like my wrinkles being poked either...........

My favourite walks: I like the Papplewick trail near our house, because it's not too long for my little legs.

Other pets who share my home: Just Me for now!

My favourite saying: DIN DINS!!!!!

Breed: Shar Pei
Type: Pet Dog
Sex: Female
Birthday: 12/01/2010
Country: United Kingdom
Owner: JessBear157
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