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Things I love: running wild and playing in the water...I love my food and having lots or favorite toy is my ball.I am like a magnet with people and just have to run up and say hello with my constantly wagging tail. I will always roll over onto my back in the hopes I might just get my tummy rubbed

Things I hate: Traveling in the car as I tend to get a bit anxious and take a long time to settle down but am getting alot better

My favourite walks: on the beach or anywhere there is water and lots of space for me to run off all my energy

Other pets who share my home: none so it is just me that gets all the attention which is great

My favourite saying: go find !!! just gets me so excited

Breed: Retriever (Golden)
Type: Pet Dog
Sex: Female
Birthday: 10/01/2009
Country: United Kingdom
Owner: jackie
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