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The Naughty River Dog


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Rosie is a very bouncy yellow labrador who has got the knack of being a bit naughty in a really cute way, so you can't really be cross with her for too long!


As she lives on a narrowboat, there is plenty of opportunity for swimming and lots of walks, as well as other dogs and people to see.  Rosie likes to stop by to visit some of the other boats on the marina, just in case there may be some fuss or a chewie going spare!


She has her nose in everything you do, earning her the nickname of "Nosey Rosie"



Rosie's mum and dad are Viking/Dark Age re-enactors, so during the summer she will be travelling to various shows up and down the country.


She's not too keen on the funny clothes, but she thinks the foods good!



Things I love: FOOD!!! Snow, Swimming, Playing with Meg and Bonnie (who live with me), Caspar (the jack russell in the boat next to us), Running off with mum and dad's socks, hats, gloves (or anything else that handy), Pinching logs from the basket and chewing them up all over the carpet, sneaking onto the bed with mum and dad in the middle of the night and pinching all the covers, helping mum unpack the shopping, opening my Christmas presents, going away with mum and dad.

Things I hate: Going to the vets, having my ear dops put in, hot weather.

My favourite walks: Blackthorne Lake, Ringstead and Twywell Hills and Dales, Northants. Anywhere where there is lots of water to play in!

Other pets who share my home: Meg (Black Labrador) and Bonnie (Labrador/GS Cross)

My favourite saying: Breakfast time !

Breed: Retriever (Labrador)
Type: Pet Dog
Sex: Female
Birthday: 18/01/2005
Country: United Kingdom
Owner: Viking Dog
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