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Larry the labradorable


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Larry is Labrador puppy. He was bought from a pet shop aged 8 weeks and become ill @ 10 weeks old. The owner sought treatment at a vets, but then returned the puppy back to the breeder as the pup was ill.

The breeder than brought Larry into my veterinary practice for further treatment and after 24 hours of treatment, decided could no longer afford the vets bills and opted for euthanasia. As my boss was not happy with euthansing the puppy, the breeder gave him to us.

Unfortunately the to and fro-ing from different vets, meant that Larry did not get a diagnosis of tetanus until the day after he come to us, by which point this was 5- 7 days post first symptoms. We think that the bacteria has entered through his umbilicus. The late diagnosis also meant the poor puppy was very late in getting anti tetanus toxin, which is ideally given as soon as the bacteria enters the body.


Tetanus is quite rare in dogs, especially in this country, which means there is not a lot of literature about it, but from what I have read, prognosis is poor and for those that do recover, there is a 6 – 8 week recovery period, and progress is slow.


My boss has been really good in that he has been supplying all of Larry's medication free of charge. Larry is on three different types of antibiotics, a muscle relaxant, a probiotic, a anti -inflammatory and a liver protectant.

Larry's story has been posted on a website by a friend who heard of Larry's terrible start in life and complete strangers have been kind enough to donate money, their time and knowledge to help Larry carry on fighting and live a normal happy puppy's life.


Money has been raised to pay for Larry's hydrotherapy and a wheelchair has been donated to get him mobile for the 1st time.

A holistic vet has donated some drops which he gets daily.

December '09
Larry has made some progress, he no longer has lock jaw, he can sit up by himself, his hind leg muscles are less rigid, one leg is slightly better than the other and he is able to pull himself up into a squat for a few seconds. Larry can now get about a little better by doing worm like movements, but also has learnt to cry and then look at what he wants. He has also been able to take his first steps with the help of his wheelchair. His progress is all due to the overwhelming generosity of others.




Jan '10 - April '10


Began to walk unaided. Just a couple of steps to start with, but gradually has built up.


Larry will be having surgery soon. The ridgity of his hind leg muscles has caused the hip to dislocate on left side, and the knee to grow backwards on the right, although the hip will be left as the socket has started to reform itself.





Autumn 2010


Apologies for my useless mum for not updating!!!
I did go on to have surgery on my legs.
Because the vet had only done that procedure on horses previously, both him and mum opted to start on my worse (right) leg.... It went really well, I now have a more ‘natural’ bend in my leg, but unfortunately because I like my other (left) leg better, I kept knuckling on my right paw. Mum and the vet attempted surgery on my left leg, but it had to be abandoned half way through as I scared mum and the vet by bleeding, a lot!!
I’ve not let anything stop me (as usual!!) and I’ve been building up my exercise tolerance.  I can almost keep up with my big sister now!!
We’ve had a lot of coming and going in my house lately.
Both my big cat brothers died, which was sad, Wooliecat died from cancer (he was 19 years old), and Smokey from renal failure (he was 18 years old), but mum then took on Cassie a DMH black cat – a 12 year old,
who was rehomed by the cats protection @ 6 year ago to two elderly ladies,  unfortunately one of the sisters went into a home and the other couldn’t care for Cassie. Mum brought her home as she knew her chances for a new home at her age wasn’t good.
We also have Gertie, a 2/3 year old black and white DSH. She got attacked by nasty doggies, which left her with a broken jaw that wasn’t repaired correctly. She was then made to bring up a litter of 3 kittens with dogs that scared her!! Mum brought her home and made us stay away til she felt safe, mum also let her attack us!!!! But I suppose mum knew best as she’s ok now and her kittens have all been rehomed.
We’ve also had foster dogs and cats!!
George – a 10mth (ish) staffy/ whippet cross (found as stray)
Fluffy – a 6/7 mth toy poodle (found as stray, chipped but ‘owners’ never replied to numerous messages)
Esme –  2/3 year old pregnant cat (and later her 4 children!!) (Was allowed to have litters left, right and centre!)
And finally, Dobbie a 6 mth old staffy who is still with us. (believed to have been kept locked in a crate/ cage, left dumped outside vets - skin and bones, nails overgrown, about a ¼ of the size he should be, skin and bone condition).
 So as you can see, been quite eventful!!
The bestest news is I’m doing so well, I am going back to the vets next week to assess for further surgery (might get two nails removed from my right leg as they get in the way!, also to reconsider surgery on the muscles on my left leg, and finally, I still need to be castrated, but I’m hiding my testicles in my belly and because I can’t open my legs it makes it very hard to find!!) but I am going to the park every day now and mum also took me over to the big field as I am walking so far now!!

Things I love: Life!! My family (including the cats, but don't tell them!), food, going out, hydrotherapy.

Things I hate: Having to stay in while my sister goes to the park. Nothing else!

My favourite walks: I'm just learning to walk again, so I only get to go a little way. Mum's wish is for me to be able to go out me my big sister to the local river before the summer is over.

Other pets who share my home: Millie - my big sister, an English Springer Spaniel. Cassie - a 12 year old long haired girl. Gertie - a 2 year old DSH

My favourite saying: "He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. you are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion."

Breed: Retriever (Labrador)
Type: Pet Dog
Sex: Male
Birthday: 10/07/2009
Country: United Kingdom
Owner: christina
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