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Bye bye Benny...


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Well, the sun has been shining for a couple of days now and I'm almost tempted to go out for longer than just a quick pee...Ellie will want to go swimming if mum takes us along the river and I'll probably have to join her so I don't look like a wimp.


I've been a bit poorly, have had a few fits.  The vet says that I'm ok for now, but I have to have an eye kept on me.  Otherwise, I'll have to take medecine for ever and I really don't fancy that!  I accidentally scratched my mum really badly when I was having a fit...I feel bad.  It took two weeks to go away, but she didn't give me a row, she gave me lots of cuddles instead.


Am going to the country with my mum and my granny in a couple of weeks.  My granny has a cottage and I do like it there.  I can go out and lay on the patio in the sun and snooze.  Sometimes I escape into the neighbour's garden to play with Micky - he's a bit of a mutt, but quite good company.


Stay tuned folks...think we might strike it lucky with the summer this year!


Here we are again, another summer and another rainy day!  Quite a lot has happened since I last wrote.  Me, Ellie and mum moved house a few weeks ago and although it's taken a bit of settling in, I think that I quite like the new place.


I was poorly again, had some more fits and this time had a stroke too, so I was at the vet school hospital for a while.  They made me look like a patchwork dog with lots of baldy bits from where they did scans and, now I'm on 2 tablets twice a day every day.  I'm really good at taking them, no hiding them in the food for me.  Mum just holds it out and I take it.


Unfortunately, the tablets are having side effects that are not too good - well, not too good for humans and other creatures.  They're supposed to keep me chilled and calm, but for some reason I've now got something called I'm on the go all the time.  And hungry ALL the time - but I heard the vet telling mum that I'm not really hungry, I just think that I am...what do they know??


Ellie is getting wound up by me being all bouncy and daft, but I'm a springer...she's had it easy for the last 9 years!  Man in the park yesterday couldn't believe I was 9, he thought I was only a young dog.  It's my good looks that do it ;)


Ta ta for now folks x


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Things I love: I think that humans are here just for me...I'm a bit of a fuss pot and a definite mummy's boy! I'm very lazy and worry that my ears will frizz if it's I like roast potatoes, they're my all time favourite. I like cola bottles too, but only when they're within stealing distance.

Things I hate: I hate when people leave the room cos then I have to get up to follow them. I hate people with shopping bags cos I think they're hiding things from me.

My favourite walks: I don't have a favourite cos I'm ulitmately a bit lazy.

Other pets who share my home: I live with Ellie...she thinks I hate her, but I love her really. She's a woolly retriever cross and is two months younger than me.

Breed: Spaniel (English Springer)
Type: Pet Dog
Sex: Male
Birthday: 05/03/2002
Country: United Kingdom
Owner: Benny's mum
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