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Life according to Ellie


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I'm loving that the sun is out...we went to the park this morning and ran along the river.  I jumped in.  Mum didn't give me row cos it's not too fast flowing at the moment as it's been quite dry.  I love paddling and swimming.  I don't really get wet, I'm like a duck.  Hopefully if it stays lovely we can go on another swim/walk outing tomorrow.  It's more fun than playing in the garden.  We get to meet up with other dogs.  Still haven't made too many friends here since we moved last summer.  City dog owners are different from country dog owners.  Some of them are a bit precious!  Don't they realise that we rough and tumble and we don't mean anything bad by it?


I got a row from a lady the other day cos I accidentally pushed her dog over.  I didnt' mean it.  My mum stood up for me tho and I felt better.  She said that her dog was old and I should know better...I'm getting old too but I still want to play!


Pah, some people.  I'm more used to people who let their pups muck about and get all dirty.  I don't mind city life, but I do miss my old friends quite a lot.


Must try better not to be too barky and silly.


New house to get used to, lots of noise from upstairs which weirds me out a bit.  I'm not used to that.  Benny was ill recently and had to go to the small animal hospital for a while. 


Don't tell anyone, but I really missed him - we've never been away from each other.  There was the upside of undivided attention tho and not having to guard over the food, but it just wasn't the same.  When he came home he smelt funny and was all bald in places cos they'd shaved his fur.  Now he's on pills and they make him so restless and stupid - he was trying to get behind the fridge yesterday.


I feel sorry for mum cos he's such a handful just now - something called hyperexcitability! In a springer? I ask you?! So, I'm being as good as I can, but it's not easy.  I do have a naughty streak and sometimes just can't help myself.


Back soon I hope x


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Things I love: I love the rain, I'll come in when it stops. I was born on an island and I love beaches and swimming. I'll eat anything, though I'm not overly keen on tomatoes. I like to wind Benny up ( I live with him, he's a Springer).

Things I hate: I hate being woken up, that's the only downside of fireworks. I hate having my coat clipped - so undignified.

My favourite walks: Anywhere that I can swim. But I'm actually a bit of a slob so I don't walk very much. Sometimes I just lie down and refuse to move!

Other pets who share my home: I live with Benny.

My favourite saying: Food...NOW!!!!!!!

Breed: Crossbreed & Mongrel
Type: Pet Dog
Sex: Female
Birthday: 10/05/2002
Country: United Kingdom
Owner: Ellie's mum
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