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Things I love: Cuddling up to my mam, getting under the duvet, pinching the humans place on the sofa. Eating chicken, cheese and bacon. Children, especially little ones. Watching from the front window and guarding the house.(or caravan) Going on holiday and visiting new places. Being petted and fussed over by anyone. My Grandma and my friend Patch

Things I hate: Getting my nails cut Cats, especially when their in my garden. Collie Dogs, sorry, i don't know why

My favourite walks: Anywhere that i can get off the lead and have a good sniff around. Lanthwaite woods at Crummock is one of my favourites. Powter How through the wood to Bassenthwaite lake. Back side of Thirlmere. Anywhere with Patch

My favourite saying: sighhhh

Breed: West Highland
Type: Pet Dog
Sex: Female
Birthday: 17/03/2008
Country: United Kingdom
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