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Hello guys, my name is Grace, I am a beardy cross springer and apparently I am completely mad (although I think, personally, that I'm quite normal, thankyou very much!) When I'm inside, my mum says I'm an absolute angel, I can do a lot of tricks, I'm really really clever, and I love following mum around everywhere and having LOADS of cuddles. When I'm outside, I'm an absolute nutter and literally throw myself off river banks so I can go swimming, I jump over extremely high fences which amazes everyone as I'm not THAT big! Anyway, mum is waiting until I am old enough to do agility and then that should give my jumping obsession some focus!


To the left there are some pics of me when I was a little pup, everyone used to comment on how sweet I was, but to be honest I was only interested in chasing spiders. I need to get my mum to upload some more recent photographs as now I'm 8 months old, but she is rubbish and always forgets. Silly human face!


I've put a pic of my mum and dad up here too because they feed me.



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Things I love: Chasing birds, swimming, playing with other dogs, rolling in horrid stuff, chewing shoes, cuddles on the sofa and above anything and everything, running, running and more running!

Things I hate: Being left alone, people going out and not taking me with them! Angry dogs who try to attack me because I want to play with them... oh - and statues and portraits. I bark at them a lot because they REALLY freak me out...

My favourite walks: Anywhere where theres water and lots of birds! Chalfield House route through Holt, Wiltshire walks and also the beach, especially Poole, Sandbanks, as there's loads of other friendly dogs to play with!

Other pets who share my home: Ferdinand Towers, the hamster

My favourite saying: 'Get up - walk me, or I'll eat the house'

Type: Pet Dog
Sex: Female
Birthday: 16/07/2009
Country: United Kingdom
Owner: Jem
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