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Flossie Norman


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Things I love: Pigs ears, Tripe, gravy bones and cheese and Ham. My mouse, dog and ruggers. I like long long walks especially on the beach. I love going to bed at night and snuggling up to my mum and dad (until I go into my own bed) I love biting slippers, when they are on peoples feet is the best! I love my Dad and I kiss him until he is all wet.............he likes that too as he lays on the floor and lets me. I love my Auntie Tia and my Auntie Brie (she is mean to me) They look like me but are different

Things I hate: I hate having a bath, having my hair cut and my coat brushed. The sea is yuk, I don't get my toes wet. I hate big dogs that run at me, I get scared. I hate the thing my mum gets out to clean the floor, it makes a strange noise and frightens me.

My favourite walks: My best walk is between Tankerton and Herne bay along the beach. I walk there and back and its great. I walk along a river which is also lovely but at the moment its too wet and me and Mummy get dirty and then I have to have a wash (See things I hate) I used to like the woods but I haven't been back there since some other dogs started on me!

Other pets who share my home: None yet, my Mum keeps trying to get my Dad to get me a sister but he doesn't listen. Please Daddy!!!!

My favourite saying: Whats for breakfast Mum?

Breed: Shih Tzu
Type: Pet Dog
Sex: Female
Birthday: 15/09/2008
Country: United Kingdom
Owner: Loopylou
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